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March 24, 2021 

Macaron - Chef Shane
Basil macaron filled with triple cream strawberry brie, brushed balsamic, floral mist

Ube Tots - Chef Ben/Shane
Sweet potato tots, spiced ketchup, black garlic, rice chicharron 

Endive Salad - Chef Colt
Endive/ Beet/ Orange/ Gold Raisin/ Candied Pecan

Stuffed Squash Blossom - Chef Ben
Lightly breaded and fried squash blossom, smoked bacon, squash puree, fermented pepper sauce

Beef Rib - Chef Shane
Smoked beef back rib, slaw in pancetta, white cheddar macaroni croquette, tart cherry BBQ

Dessert - Chef Colt
Sunchoke Ice Cream/ Caramelized Whey/ Espresso/ Waffle Cone


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