Passion is the key ingredient missing from all too many kitchens as cooking has become a chore, events a burden, and clients mere customers.   The mission of Chef's Table is to provide exceptional dining experiences with Culinarians who have a passion for the food they create and an appreciation for the privilege of being part of your celebration.   The result being a dining experience you will treasure and perhaps even add a little passion to your life! 

Chef Shane Whitacre

Shane has a passion for sharing amazing food experiences with others.  This passion led to the founding of Chef’s Table Catering. He has a heavy science background with culinary training coming from practical experience and mentor chefs.  The result is a straight forward cooking style using high quality ingredients incorporated into his take on classic and original dishes finished to perfection.  Shane keeps his skills honed at The Trattoria at Whole Foods Dublin, providing one of the most unique end enjoyable dining experiences in Columbus.

Kit Meager

Kit has exceptional knowledge of both food and wine and excels at pairing the two.  She will also coordinate all service aspects of your event from planning to execution.  She will manage your event as a whole while at the same time provide individual attention to each guest.  Kit's educational and professional background is in business risk management uniquely combined with food science and wine distribution.  Kit and Shane team up on Wednesday nights at the Trattoria.  Stop in and get a small taste of what you can take home and customize for your next event!