Passion is the key ingredient missing from all too many kitchens as cooking has become a chore, events a burden, and clients mere customers.   The mission of Chef's Table is to provide exceptional dining experiences and products with Culinarians who have a passion for the food they create and an appreciation for the privilege of being part of your celebration.   The result being an experience you will remember and perhaps even add a little passion to your life! 

Chef Shane Whitacre

Shane has a passion for sharing amazing food experiences with others.  This passion led to the founding of Chef’s Table Columbus in 2016 . He has a heavy science background with culinary training coming from practical experience and mentor chefs.  The result is a cooking style that utilizes multiple techniques using high quality ingredients finished to perfection and uniquely presented.  His cuisine can be enjoyed at your own in-home dinner or one of his ticketed events. Follow him on Facebook @chefstablecolumbus